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life is short. love never dies.

for the fangirl in me... in us all...

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I like many things (see interests. Please note this does not cover everything).

I have a very unhealthy love for Daniel Radcliffe. No, seriously. Sometimes i worry myself, but most of my friends laugh at me, so i figure its not all bad.

Also? apparently i "have a thing for slim, curly haired brunettes who wear lots of red" (as quoted by kepp0xy, but its so true. pls note we were talking about Lisa Cuddy from House, but this also applies to Elizabeth Weir from Stargate Atlantis)

I love making friends. I love forcing ppl to be my friends too. (this has happened on a few occasions).

I am crazy.

I am obsessive. (it happens)

I also think Batman is one of the coolest super heroes in the universe (and beats superman hands down any day of the week).

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