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I'm listening to Snow Patrol's newest album 'Fallen Empires' and its giving me some M83 feels. At least, a couple of the songs are.

... huh.

</ random>

{and here, have a Dirty Dancing icon since i'm on basic and i don't have my music one right now =(  }
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You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness

my goodness!! 

so, me & the Sis finished all 3 seasons of Spartacus. Well, we're all caught up on S3 at least. 

Collapse )

But yes. Spartacus: Vengeance. Its pretty good. I am enjoying it so far. 

Alsooooooo... we're watching Eureka. Cuz its kind of tied in with Warehouse 13. So i think we have 1 ep left of S1. So we'll probs finish that tonight, and start on S2. 


but yes.  my tv viewing is quite enjoyable


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hello Lovelies!!

hows life? hows tricks? whats going on?????

so. sososo.

My weekend was pretty good. Thurs and Fri i had to be at work early (as in 4am & 5am), but that meant i got to go home mid-afternoon. 

So friday night, CJ demanded me and AQ's presence - apparently we were having a Threeeo night. (seriously, i had NO CHOICE in the matter. Not that I would ever turn down an opportunity to hang out with my girlies, but seriously, CJ was all, THIS IS NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION - so really...)

so we went out to Gas Town (an hour or so later than we had planned) to check out a new club that a friend (of a friend) was bouncing for. So we got in for free, had a few drinks, met a few people. and like, seriously, i'm a total Puma. The first guy we talked to was 21. I'm 26. so.... yeah, no. And like, don't think that there was any chance of anything happening or whatever, we were just outside talking, but then he was all, i'm 21!! and i'm all, aw, your adorable. but man, you're a baby.   and then there was this OTHER guy - and like. seriously, this guy was totally and completely adorable. as in, i want to keep him FOREVER. and he's 24, so... technically i could =P but anyway. This other guy, at first i was all, OMG YOU'RE ADORABLE. but then he kept calling me Kathryn (which, ok, i introduced myself as Cait, but STILL!! KATHRYN? REALLY?) so then i got upset at him for that. But he kept being adorable, so i had to forgive him. So we kinda made him promise to come to A's bday/halloween party on saturday. And CJ made him promise to wear suspenders just to make it up to me. 

cuz.... i may or may not (and by 'may not' i mean i totally, totally do) have  a thing for suspenders. as in, i think they're totally sexy. i don't know what it is, but i love them, i think they're hot, and if my newest little non-crush came to A's in suspenders... i would probably have to get drunk and kiss him. just a little kiss!! but still. i wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of his suspenders. i know this about myself. i can't even help it. (and no, its not a fetish. i just like them, okay?)

so. friday night was fun (even though A didn't feel that well, me and CJ had a blast!!)

then sat and sun were pretty chill. sat i didn't do ANYTHING except lounge around at home.

sunday me and mares went shopping for her costume, then hung out a bit, then I had to go see stupid Paranormal Activity 3. because my bestie is kind of a dick sometimes, and he makes me see horrible movies that scare me. like, seriously, TERRIFY me. but... i had already seen the first 2 with him, i couldn't not finish the series with him - because i'm CERTAIN that there will be NO MORE after this one. okay? ok.

so me, and the ex-band members of Interphase went and saw this movie. And... i think i watched most of it. There were times were i totally hid my face in Drewbie's arm, or... like, just stared at the bottom of the screen, but i still MOSTLY watched it.

and then i had to drive home all by myself. in the dark. by myself. (but it was ok, because its JUST A MOVIE, and i totally checked the back seat of my car {maybe more than once} just to make sure no one was hiding there, waiting to kill me).

so i went home, watched a couple cute eps of Leverage, looked at a couple pics of my Boyfriend Spencer Smith - because he seriously makes life Better just by existing. and his Smile seriously overpowers the sun. In short, Spencer Smith is made from Everything Awesome, Ever.

so... yeah. thats how i got actual sleep last night. Leverage, and (mostly) Spencer Smith.

i know... i'm kind of a freak, but i don't even care. He's just so good looking. 

and now, i'm excited for Friday, because My Person comes home. and she's sleeping over. because then on saturday its her bday party, and A's bday party. and i'm going to have good times. 

<3 <3 <3
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um... so, on monday, i got to work (somewhat late-ish but not really... I try to make it for 8am, but usually end up at my desk closer to 830ish - WHAT? Traffic sucks. and maybe i should start going to be earlier than 1am... but whatever. shut up....)

So. I text Boss and am all, 'am going to be late! sorry!!' and she's all, 'J wants to see you when you get here? can you make it for 830?' 

and then i'm FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. I kept thinking, 'oh shit, what did i do? what didn't i do? fuck fuck fuckfuckfuck'. right? typical response, right? 

So we bust our asses to get to work, and I forgo coffee and book it upstairs, and i'm all, OK OK I'M HERE, WHERE IS SHE? but not like that exactly. i'm calm, but rushed. so Boss points me in the right direction, and I go see J...

and L got let go. 


it was kind of a shock. like, we had all kinda mentioned it before in our many rants against him, but... i didn't expect this. However, he was stressed a lot of the time, and the job kept him away from his family, and... he just... he wasnt' well suited for this. thats what J even said. She said that he was a great guy and everything, but it wasn't working out, not from a business standpoint, and this was nothing against him, it was always about the job. 



and like, its been pretty good, actually. Nice and quiet. Well, J has now kinda moved into L's old office, just to look after us and everything - and let me tell you - my Dept is trying to behave. One of the girls joked about us becoming one of the quietest depts on the floor, and I laughed and said no. 

because i can't. theres no way in hell that I could ever try and do that. I'm still me. I can't be anything but. I mean, i kinda try to tone myself down and everything, but... a leopard can't hid its spots. So... like, a crazy person can't really hide their crazy. 

As my woman once put it, me trying to be normal and hiding my crazy is like trying to hide and elephant under a rug. (thanks skullycat <3)

OOH! Speaking of my Woman, i've got some vacay time left, so i'm gonna spend a few days on the island and visit my Other Family in Nov! Actually, i kinda planned it so i'd be around for Bowynn's First Bday. (cuz i'm an Amazingly Awesome Auntie. like, that's just fact).

In other news... i'm totally loving Terra Nova. I don't care if people think its lame or whatever, I'm totally enjoying it. me and timeblindhave great fangirl gchat's about it. its awesome.

um... still totally obsessed with Spencer Smith, because he makes my life better. no, honestly, he does. he's just... well, i've seen this around to describe him before - Flawless. 

its really hard to disagree with such an apt description.

um... what else what else what else?? 

i'm going out this friday with my Threeeos and Steve. Next Saturday i've got 2 bday parties to go to. 

um um um... i dunno. i don't lead a very exciting life... 

BUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut i hope all is well with everyone!!! i love everyone and miss you and as;ldkfja;lsdkjfa;sdflkja


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Boys in Bands make things Better...

So... been having a cranky week. Sometimes it sucks being a female.

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT anyway. Yesterday was... well. I mainly hid behind my music. Like, I just plugged in and ignored everyone and everything. kinda. Yesterday was kind of fun since the main system i use at work was down for the whole day. so it was fun and boring. (i got some filing done tho!! GO ME!!)

anyway. So because i've been cranky, A has been bugging me all week, making me even bitchier. Like, if we're talking/arguing, sometimes i'm just  "A, be quiet. Just... just shut up. I don't care anymore. I don't care, so just shut up, i'm ignoring you now, cuz if i don't ignore you, i'm going to stab you in the neck with my staple remover. or shoot you in the face. either/or."

I listened to Snow Patrol the whole day. Well... most of the day. But they're one of my FAVE bands ever, EVAR. So i was listening to their newest song yesterday repeatedly (via YOUTUBE) and then i was listening to some of their other songs on youtube, and then i was all, wtf, self. you have them on your ipod, dummy.

so i listened to my ipod instead.

but, they're just so... soothing. calming. i love them. I love Gary. I love his voice, and all the emotion he puts into singing. (brendon urie from p!atd is the same way - very emotional. i love it!!)

but yeah. so listening to Snow Patrol helps calm me down from my almost Rage Blackouts. 

and then, after I got home (i got off work an hour early because our system was down, so i bought dinner - frozen dinners and asparagus, and like, 4 bags of lightly salted ripple chips b/c they were on sale!) and made dinner (it was pretty hard, i tells ya, putting that stuff in the microwave, putting on water to steam the asparagus. it took FOREVER), the Sis and I watched White Collar (OMG i totally love this show, you guys. its kinda like Leverage, but not, and its awesome. I love shows about theives!!) and that was all well and good, but...

I really needed a pick me up. 

Also, theres some family shit going on right now. So we were both kinda down, and i just needed a pick me up.

So i stared at the prettiness and omg!hotness and just all around i-wanna-sex-you-up-ness of Spencer Smith. I'm so glad I bookmarked that picspam you guys. cuz he just... he just makes everything better. 

seriously, the next time i'm feeling down, all i need to do is listen to Snow Patrol and look at Spencer Smith. And then i'm happy. Because seriously, what's better than listening to the Band of your Soul, and looking(/drooling) at the Man of your Dreams?

absolutely nothing.  

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i guess its time for a RL update.

though, i have to be honest here... RL is not that interesting.

work is busy - Slacker Pants quit and got a new job thats less than 10 mins from her place. (also, our boss was driving her ape shit, and she just couldn't take it anymore). So now I've got some of her duties, and he's driving ME crazy now. but... whatever. i have my girlies to bitch to, its all good. and sometimes, i really am a Master Slacker.

anyway. I'm pretty excited about this month. This weekend - well, friday - i'm hopping on a ferry to visit the Mormons. mostly because skullycat  has no friends and she misses me ALL the time. <3 but yeah.

Pretty sure I mentioned how awesome my Saturday was - hanging out with Steve and our Nieces. (seriously, i love him. i love him SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. I think he's probably one of the most amazing men I've ever known. he's just... gah, i don't know if i have words to describe how awesome he is!! He's a total sweetheart AND a complete jerk. No wonder i love him. He takes care of his friends and family, and can also be a complete and utter bastard. its awesome!!)

But yeah. Pretty excited to hang out with the Mormons.  K is going to make me some DELICIOUS food (she knows the way to my heart!!) and hopefully we'll get some writing done. or at least get some ideas out there. or something. its been a while, and i've wanted to do SOMETHING with our story, but... i dunno. i mostly just dabble - i consider her the one with the talent. i'm just kind of... a soundboard. its OUR world, but if anyone is going to make anything of it, its gonna K.

anyhoo, yes. Food and Stories and My Girlies. Sounds like a good weekend to me!!!

THEN!!! next weekend is going to be AWESOME as I'm going to Kelowna for a Family Girls Weekend!!! Me and the Sis will be leaving Friday morning, stay the night in K-Town, then Kimi will drive us to Midway, where we'll hang out with Nana and Mimi (since Kimi couldn't make it for Easter), spend the night there, head back to Kelowna on Sunday, stay there for the night, and then we'll head home on monday. Its going to be a busy weekend, but i know it'll be worth it. I seriously love my family. But yes. My Nana is pretty excited for our visit, so I'm happy to see her. AND AND AND since Daddy won't be there, we'll actually have a DECENT BED to sleep in!!! (and NOT the torture device we call the 'pull out couch' - where you can feel EVERY SPRING that is DIGGING INTO YOUR BODY CUZ ITS PROBABLY 15-20 YEARS OLD NOW, AND THE MATRESS IS SHIT - but i'm not bitter or anything. that's just one of the reasons we tend to sleep over at Mimi's when we're in Midway).

Also, i'm hoping Mimi is better, as she was sick for Easter. (she had a cold and pink eye. so she didn't hang out much. not that she would have anyway, since she would have been working). Buuuuuuuuuuuuut that's ok.

AND AND AND hopefully my friend Lindsey will still be in K-Town while i'm there, so maybe hopefully I can meet up with her and see her before she goes back to Oz.

AND THEN. WHEN I COME HOME, I WILL HAVE AN AMAZING PRESENT WAITING FOR ME. THAT PRESENT, IS kepp0xy . (who won't exactly be "waiting" for me, per se, BUT OMFG SHE'LL BE IN TOWN AND I'M A LITTLE EXCITED BECAUSE I HAVEN'T SEEN HER IN FOREVER AND I KIND OF MISS HER FACE AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. not that i'll ever admit that out loud, or to her face. well, maybe out loud. and perhaps to her face.)


(i think the only other thing that would make this month the most awesomest month evar is if timeblind came home for a wee visit as well. it would completely fill my heart with joy - but beggars can't be choosers, and i know she'll come home eventually.)

um... what else? I... actually, i haven't really seen much of the guys. I talk to Drew at least once a week, and i'm having sushi with him on thursday (2 of my fave things! Sushi and Drewbie!!! and i haven't seen either in a while!!!)  but yeah. i dunno. i know that the guys are busy, and thats part of the reason I haven't been in touch with them lately. besides which, i've been trying to focus on The Ladies and spending more girl time with them (since we've agreed that we don't hang out as much as we would like)

still. I'm excited to Drew before I leave. I practically had to beg him to make time for me =P ok, that's not entirely true. But i told him i really wanted to see him before I went to Vic, as its been a while since he and I hung out. I don't like going long periods without seeing him. Yes, I talk to him on the phone, and we text all the time, but its not the same. i would have been pretty upset if I didn't get a chance to see him. i just feel like its been a while since i saw him, and it doesn't sit well with me.

but yes. this month is going to be pretty awesome for me. I get to see a bunch of ppl i adore!!!
Hairspray: {Yay!}

quick fly-by update!

ok - had a pretty good weekend!

1) friday me&Mares finished up S3 of Leverage - so now we're all set for S4 when it starts in June!! (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY)

2) Saturday was amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!! Steve got skullycat and their mom tickets to Cavalia for Mother's Day, so he and I took Kaeda to Steveston, got drinks from Sbux (and while Uncle Steve was getting his ladies drinks, Auntie Cait played "Where's Kaeda" with Kaeda outside. In public. Where people could see and laugh WITH us. not at us. WITH US. After taking a walk along the boardwalk, we went home, Steve and K watched Homeward Bound 2 and I chilled with Bowynn a bit. Then the boys fed me dinner, the Mom's came home, and the Woman and I escaped to get some dessert (mmmmmmmmmm Marble Slab!!) then went shopping at London Drugs.

3) Sunday was pretty good too. the Sis and I watched the Fast and the Furious movies (omg, #3 shouldn't EVEN COUNT. ITS HORRIBLE!!) then had naps, then went to dinner at the Flying Beaver with a couple of her friends.

tonight, its dinner at Dad's (which we missed last week b/c of stupid work) so i'm excited for that.

you know what else i'm excited for?

if you guessed Hawaii 5-0, you'd be CORRECT!! OMG THIS EP LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!! IS IT 10PM YET?????????? 

(seriously, Dinner at Daddy's, Castle, and H50 are the only good things about mondays. no lie)
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If you're into shows about heists/thieves, or just anything pretty awesome, you should check out Leverage. the sis and I are almost done Season 1,  and we kind of love it.
H50: S/D {Got Your Back}



my fellow H50 fan from work (who is also one of my good tv buddies / kind of ex-coworker from Chapters) got me a fantastic belated bday present.

for seriously.

the card has a super gorgeous pic of Alex O'L from his Australian GQ photo shoot (the one where he's all delicious looking... more so than usual) which i have now put up on my little window so i can stare at it all day long...


A MUG. WITH A PIC OF HIM ON IT!!!!!!!!!! (i think it was one of the earlier promo pics where he's all wet and delicious looking...)

so its going to be my work mugl. and he's going to stare at me while i work and make me happy when i have bad days and just... make me happy in general. because he's AAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL MINE.

i'm in a pretty good mood right now. i made coffee this morning and had it on my way to work, finished it by the time i got to work, had more coffee, came up to my desk where my wonderful present was waiting, had MORE coffee, and now i'm currently drinking tea (in said B-Day Mug. Of Awesome and Pretty and Deliciousness).

but yeah. maybe i'll put up a pic, because i've been trying to take more pics lately, since i don't take ANY. but whatever. i dunno.

i'm just in a good mood, and it was TOTALLY BOOSTED A MILLION PERCENT with my present this morning.